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(Caroline St., Minerva St., and Elizabeth St.)

Developed by:
Mrs. Blackwell's Grade 4 Class at Irving School

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During the course of the academic year, Mrs. Blackwell's Grade 4 Class at Irving School studied the history of the City of Derby. The children have learned a lot about the remarkable history of Connecticut's smallest city. They have also learned to share that history with the community and the world. Since January, they have been responsible for the bi-weekly Derby History Quiz. They have also produced a video that is being shown on Tele-Media of Western Connecticut's local cable access station. And finally, they have produced this walking tour of an area of Derby adjacent to their school. We hope that you share in their excitement for their new-found knowledge of the community as you accompany them on their tour. Just click on the arrows to follow their progress. You might then want to take this walking tour yourself!

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