St. Jospeh's Church and Plumb Memorial Library

At the light where the road comes into Shelton, turn right on Howe Avenue. At the next traffic light, take a left on White Street and go to the end of White Street. Take a right onto Coram Avenue.

St. Joseph's Church on your left began construction in 1907 for a parish organized in 1906.

The Plumb Memorial Library dates back to the winter of 1891-1892 when David Wells Plumb chaired a meeting of local citizens at which it was decided to establish a public library. They raised nearly $2,000 at the meeting. On Oct. 3, 1892, Shelton electors voted to spend a three-quarter mill tax toward the support of a library. Mr. Plumb became the president of a board of directors composed of six citizens.

Approximately 1,000 books were purchased and space on the second floor of the Pierpoint Block was secured. The library opened to the public on February 1, 1893. Mr. Plumb planned to erect a more permanent building, but he died suddenly. Though he had not made any provision in his will for the library, his brother Horace announced that he would honor his brother's wishes. David's widow donated the land, and the library was opened on December 4, 1895.

At the stop sign in front of the library, turn left on Wooster Street (Rt. 108). Go a little over three miles to the Huntington Green. Along the way, you will pass Stewart Wood and other open space maintained by the City.

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St. Joseph's Church

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12 Plumb Memorial Library

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