Healthy Valley 2000 has published  its Valley Heritage Driving Tour of the Lower Naugatuck Valley.  Fittingly, the  tour begins and ends in Derby, the oldest of the Valley's cities. The tour travels through Shelton, Ansonia, Seymour, Beacon Falls, Oxford and back to Derby. You can begin the tour in any city by clicking on its name above or simply take the whole tour by clicking on the following arrow.

This on-line version is an enhanced version of  the printed guide which is available free of charge at Valley United Way in Ansonia.  Copies are also now available at all city halls and libraries throughout the Valley. A map on the bottom of each page shows the town where your current page's feature is located.

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You can also use guided maps of the tour route through the individual towns with links to the individual sites on the tour by checking our map section here. Small town map icons on the individual pages tell you what town you are in for each attraction and link directly to the appropriate guided map by clicking on the map icon.

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