Riverview Park

Riverview Park is a 32 acre parcel given to the city by the Ousatonic Water Company in 1890. The fountain in the picture was originally a watering trough for horses. At one time there were footpaths and bridges down the side of the park to the river.

On July 26, 1934 eight children who had been swimming in the river were killed by a southbound freight train. The children evidently did not see the train even though the fireman on a northbound train tried to warn them by sounding a horn and throwing coals at the children. The children playfully threw the coals back unaware of the oncoming train beyond the bend.

In earlier times the area was the site of an Indian Fort designed to keep early white settlers from moving upstream on the Housatonic.

The Driving Tour now proceeds a little less than one mile through 3 traffic lights to the center of town where you will take a left and go back over the Derby/Shelton Bridge to Derby where you will turn right on Main Street and head to St. Michael's Church.

Before we head there, we're going to take a look at Canal Street which will be on your left as you come into the center of town.

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22 Riverview Park

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Pootatuck Indian Fort Monument
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(Photos by Markanthony Izzo)

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