St. James Imanuel Church

On the left at 109 Minerva Street rises St. James Imanuel Church, built in 1843, and its next door (105 Minerva) rectory constructed in 1853. The Church was built by Harvey Johnson (stonemason) and Nelson Hinman (carpenter), on land donated by Sheldon Smith and Anson Phelps. It is a fine example of ecclesiastical Gothic architecture. With its construction, the Episcopal Church was moved from East Derby near the David Humphreys House where the Episcopal Cemetery still lies to Birmingham. The first rector was Rev. Richard Mansfield, who held the position for 72 years, among the longest of any clergyman in the country.

Proceed to the stop sign at bottom of Minerva Street and the intersection with Main Street. Turn right onto Main Street. At the second light, turn left onto the Derby-Shelton Bridge.

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10 St. James Imanuel Church

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