White Hills Baptist Church

The White Hills Baptist Church was built in 1839. The land on which the church was built had been part of the Donald Judson Farm until 1837 when it was bought by Ferris Drew of Carmel, NY. Since there was no Baptist church nearby, Ferris decided to build a church in White Hills.

Ferris sold a plot of ground for $20 and later gave additional lands for the church and burying ground.  Until 1852, the church was served on alternate Sundays by pastors who came from distant parts, such as Danbury, Bennets Bridge and Easton. A bell was ordered for the church in 1845. It weighed 785 pounds and cost $210. The Drews went to the McNeeley Bell Casting Company in Troy, NY, and brought the bell back by oxcart, which took 40 days.

Turn around and come back down School St. and take a left, continuing on Route 110 until you reach Indian Well State Park on your left.

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19 White Hills Baptist Church

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