Yale Boat House

Frank Gates of Derby undertook to induce Yale to bring its rowing activities to Derby, first in lower Derby near Burtville and later on Lake Housatonic above the dam starting in 1918. Mr. Gates managed to convince Yale's British head coach Guy Nickalls of the suitability of the Housatonic for his crews, and in 1918 the first intercollegiate race was held on the lake with Yale and Harvard competing. At the same time, the Robert Cooke boathouse was dedicated in honor of one of Yale's famous rowing coaches.

The new Gilder Boathouse pictured below was completed and dedicated in October, 2000. This world class rowing facility is a magnificent architectural achievement and ushers in a whole new era of excellence for Yale rowing.

The new Gilder Boathouse

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The Old Bob Cooke Boat House

Yale Crew conducting a clinic on the new docks

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