Olde Derby Uptown Burial Ground

This is reputed to be the oldest public burial ground in the United States.

One hundred years before the Revolution, the first inhabitants established this community cemetery on its present site, a ridge overlooking the Naugatuck River.

The oldest remaining marker is that of Rev. John Bowers, the resident clergyman who died in 1687 after serving as parson of the First Congregational Church for 12 years. The cemetery is the resting place of soldiers who fought in King Philip's War (1675-76), the three French and Indian Wars(1675-76), as well as the Revolution and Civil Wars. Indians and slaves and freed slaves are also buried here.

See who's buried there. Click here for a listing & gravestone engravings.

At the next traffic intersection, bear right onto Elm Street in Ansonia.

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25 Main Entrance

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Inside the Burial Ground

The oldest headstone - Rev. John Bowers - 1687

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