"You see things; and say 'Why?' But I dream things that never  were; and I say 'Why Not?'"

George Bernard Shaw

We did it again in 2000 - and we won!!

It was a great effort and a tremendous experience, but the Valley was not named as one of the ten All America Cities for 1999 at the National Civic League Convention in Philadelphia. The delegation returned home on a Sunday morning exhausted, but still elated over the Valley's position as one of thirty premiere communities from across the country. Click here for news release or here for Saturday's photo album. 

The delegates also want to thank everyone in the community who rallied behind this effort to support the Valley's application. The entire experience has only helped to bolster the Valley's new image as a community on the go with a strong sense of history and an an even stronger vision of the future!

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Bill Powanda, John O'Toole and Paul Schreiber accept the Valley's Finalist Award in Philadelphia.

Saturday: Day of Decision

Friday: Presentation and Exhibition

Thursday: Pomp & Practice

Wednesday: Depart the Valley and Arrive in Philadelphia


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Other News 

Helen Musante's Commemorative Post Cards - Click Here.

Delegate Information!

The listing of delegates is available - Check it out here. Also check out "What You Need to Know As an All America City Delegate"

Valley All America City efforts featured in the Media

The Valley's efforts to capture the coveted All America  City Award were well documented in local and state-wide media coverage as the delegation made the trip to Philadelphia and the finals. Both the New Haven Register and the Connecticut Post assigned journalists to travel to Philadelphia with the delegation. Hometown Publications assigned a photographer to document the entire trip and the full story is being told in the Huntington Herald and the Valley Gazette over the next few weeks.

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