Class of 2014

As a prelude to the annual Derby Day festivities, Mayor Anita Dugatto is pleased to announce the selection of three new members to the Derby Hall of Fame. The Class of 2014 in the Derby Hall of Fame represents a wide range of talents and interests on the local, national and international level. It includes a beloved local public servant, the founder of one of this nation's iconic chemical companies and a respected international writer and war correspondent.

Henry M. Bradley, Jr., Herbert Henry Dow and Graham Peck are just 3 more of the exceptional men and women who passed through Derby on their way to fame.

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Brief descriptions of the members of the Class of 2014 (Click on names to learn more):

If you studied American History in a Connecticut public high school, you can probably thank Henry M. Bradley, Jr. for the requirement. While serving as Derby's State senator, he wrote the bill that became law in Connecticut in 1935 requiring the teaching of American History in Connecticut's high school. However, after reading the senator's biography, it's hard to imagine when he had the time to study history himself because he was active in the life of the community.

Henry M. Bradley, Jr.


Everyone has heard of the Dow Chemical Company, but not many know that its founder, Herbert Henry Dow spent his formative years right here in Derby before going on to earn a national and international name for himself.

Herbert Henry Dow


There's a long distance between Derby and China, but Graham Peck became an expert on China through his travels and authorship of three books on China. He was also an artist and a war correspondent during an adventuresome life which began in Derby and is now his final resting place.

Graham Peck

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