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Cheerleaders Return to Giver Runners a Lift

Just In - Champs Again

The Derby Jr. Midget Cheerleaders have done it again. They just won the Regional Championship in Springfield, MA and will now be heading for the national championships at Disney World in December. Congratulations

Everyone can use a lift at sometime during the race, and that's just what they get from the award winning Derby Pop Warner Cheerleaders who bring their talents, enthusiasm and voices to the course giving runners a boost both on their way out and their way back on the course.

The group is stationed at the corner of Third and Elizabeth Street with opportunities to cheer the leaders on just as the complete the steepest up hill part of the race on their way out and again as they speed down hill on their way back to the finish line.

We want to thank the girls, their parents and Derby Pop Warner for their help.

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