Christ Church

In 1812, the St. Peter's Episcopal Church approved the erection of a chapel n Quaker farms for the benefit of the Episcopalian Society in Quaker Farms as long as the Society would never be taxed for it.

With that a building committee was appointed and the new church was designed and built by George Boult of Southford. It is believed that the architect developed his plans from the designs of the famous Sir Christopher Wren.

One of the most impressive features of the church is a central chandelier of cut crystal that was added in the 1880's. This two hundred year old chandelier originally hung in St. Ann's Church in Brooklyn. It was a gift of Trinity Church in Seymour.

Continue another .6 miles through this historic area and the Quaker Farms Fire Department will be on your right.

Go 3.6 miles. At the Rotary bear to the right. The Great Hill Methodist Church will be in front of you.


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73 Christ Church

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74 Quaker Farms Fire Department

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