72 Quaker Farms
Historic Homes

Many of the homes in the Quaker Farms area are from the original families of Oxford. Quaker Farms was originally called Quaker's Farm. Legend has it that before the first settlers came in 1680, there along the road lived a Quaker. He lived in a house by a babbling brook, in an open field, below the mountain. He never married. And so, the area was called Quaker's Farm. Of course, there is no proof to this story.

As you drive along the road here, you will see many historic homes dating back before the American Revolution. For a definitive look at all the historic homes in Oxford, read Early Houses of Oxford, published in 1976 by the Historic House Committee of the Bicentennial Commission in Oxford. Most of the information here came from that publication.

The sample houses here are the Hawkins House at 410 Quaker Farms Road and the Perry-Pangman House located at 411 Quaker Farms Road. This house is sometimes referred to as the "Flagg House" because of a later owner.

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Perry-Pangman House c. 1720

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Silas Hawkins House c. 1795

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