The Road to Oxford

The back road (Route 42) to Oxford is marked by sharp turns and a selection of historic homes and farms. As you leave Beacon Falls, you will pass the Pines Bridge Cemetery on your left which dates back to 1800. When the town was organized in 1871, the cemetery was transferred from private ownership to the town which enlarged it in 1883.The graves of the earliest settlers are located in the old part of the cemetery.

Just past the cemetery you cross over the 58 Hearne Beaver Bridge named and dedicated as the first memorial in the state to a soldier killed in the Vietnam War. His name was Hearne W. Beaver, Jr.

 Go approximately 2.7 miles. Keep following the signs on Rt. 42 West. (The road makes several sharp turns, but it is well marked.). Turn right on Rt. 67 North.

Along the road to Oxford you will pass several historic homes that pre-date the American Revolution such as the ones pictured here on Chestnut Tree Hill Extension.

pinsebridgecemetery.jpg (29561 bytes)
Pinesbridge Cemetery

oxfordfarmhouse1.jpg (27430 bytes)
Beecher-Chatfield House - 1769

oxfordfarmhouse2.jpg (39500 bytes)
Thomas Wooster House - 1770

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