Town Hall Area

United Church of Christ was built in 1871. This was their third location. The first location was by the Pinesbridge Cemetery and the second location is presently Beacon Falls Pizza. the church was originally a Methodist denomination. The Parish House, next door, was built in 1905.

Proceed .1 mile and the town park and gazebo will be on your left. Go another .1 mile and turn left on Century Avenue. St. Michael's Church will be on your left. The Town Hall will be in front of you.

The Beacon Falls Rubber Shoe Company produced the nationally known Top Notch brand, with offices in Boston, San Francisco and New York. In 1915, the company hired the Olmstead Brothers from Massachusetts, sons of the man who designed Central Park in New York, to create a plan to develop the Town. Most of the Town was on the hill behind the complex.

A sign next to City Hall tells the story of one of Beacon Falls claims to fame. In 1843 Thomas Sanford invented friction matches. Matches at first were made by sawing maple logs to the required length of 3 inches and then splitting and chopping.  For several years most families in the town were involved in chopping and dipping matches.

In the area of the Town Hall, built in 1922 as Center School, is St. Michael’s Roman Catholic Church, United Church and Laurel Ledge School. Click on the images for a larger picture of each.

Before St. Michaelís Church was built, Catholic families had to journey to Seymour or Naugatuck by foot or horse and buggy to attend Mass.  Beginning in 1885, Catholic Masses were held in a private home and then in larger halls on Main Street. The original St. Michaelís Church was dedicated in March of 1900, on the corner of Main and Church Street.  In 1941, the church was sold to the state for highway purposes.  Masses were held temporarily in the former movie theater on Main Street until June, 1942.  In October, 1941, the cornerstone for the new church on Maple Avenue was laid. The first Mass was celebrated in June of 1942.

Now turn right on Maple Avenue,and right onto Burton Road. At the bottom of the hill, turn left on S. Main Street. The road will eventually become Pinsebridge Road and Rt. 42. 

On your left, you will pass the 57 Beacon Falls Pizza. the building was once the home of the Second Methodist Church which is now the United Church of Christ you saw earlier. South of here is another mill complex on your left that began as Coe Tannery in the mid 1800'2 and later became the Homer D. Bronson Company. This company made continuous hinges and butt hinges for pianos, automobiles and many other uses.

Continue to the Pinesbridge Cemetery.

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55 Union Church

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56 St. Michael's Roman Catholic Church

Pent Road Complex
Town Hall

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Laurel Ledge

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