Stevenson Dam

Stevenson Dam sits between Lake Zoar and the Housatonic River.  Erected by the Connecticut Light and Power Company to provide water power for generating electricity by hydraulic turbines.

The maximum base width is 81 feet, maximum height to crest elevation is 122 feet, and its length is 1213 feet. It backs up a pond having, at crest elevation, a length of approximately 10 miles. It took two years to build and was completed on Nov. 24, 1919. The Power-house is located at the Monroe side and has an output capability of 28,750 kilowatts.


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77 Stevenson Dam
(Photo by Markanthony Izzo)

At this point, you turn around and head back down Route 34 towards Derby. Go about 2.1 miles to the New Haven Rowing Club on your right just before the Seymour town line.

78 New Haven Rowing Club

Go another .3 miles to the Ephraim Smith Historic Home on your left.

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