Cook's Pond

.In 1681, the first grist mill was built on Beaver Brook, (Jewett and Beaver Streets), in the area of what is now Cook’s Pond. This was one of the first examples of a municipality providing incentives for  business development. The citizens of Derby had voted, "to encourage such a man as will build a sufficient mill for the town of Derby, by giving him twenty pounds and build a dam." John Hull was the recipient of the money as he built the towns first gristmill. The remains of the old mill, are said to lie under the water and behind the dam. However, the dam was removed in 2000 replaced by a free flowing brook and a modest park on its side.

At the stop sign, turn right and then bear to the left onto Mott Street. Go to the 2nd stop sign.

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The old dam - replaced in 2000

The area as it now appears

31 Cooks Pond

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