Mansfield House

Jewett Street, an Indian trail, is the location of the Mansfield House, named after Reverend Richard Mansfield. He  lived from 1724 to 1820 and served for 72 years, a period marking the longest rectorship recorded in the United States.

Mansfield's tenure was not without controversy as he was an outspoken Tory supporter at the time of the American Revolution. When a pro-British letter that he had written to British authorities in New York fell into the hands of patriots, he had to flee for his life to Long Island in 1775. He believed that the colonists should remain loyal subjects of the King of England.

While he was away, both his wife Anna, and their infant daughter died while living in the Episcopal Glebe House Rectory.

Go .1 miles to Cook's Pond and waterfall.

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30 Mansfield House

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Photo by Markanthony Izzo

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