Pent Road
Recreation Complex

The complex was completed in 1992 which offers baseball fields, softball fields, tennis, basketball, walking track and picnic facilities in the pavilion.

Beyond the Complex is 52 Toby’s Mountain (High Rock) which was purchased in 1693 by an Indian named Toby who for 12 years was a slave in the family of Captain Ebenezer Johnson, one of Derby’s prominent citizens and the principal land owner in this town. 

 Toby's Mountain and High Rock State Park were once part of the High Rock Amusement Area. In the 1870's it was comparable at the time to the Savin Rock Amusement Park in West Haven. Trains came in from New York and it was not uncommon for 10,000 people to come on any given day to enjoy roller skating, the dance floor, boating on the river, hiking and picnicking.  Today the park is one of Beacon Falls’ greatest natural assets. Because of the very poor dirt road that lead's to Toby's Mountain, we don't advise anyone to make the trip.

Instead, at the stop sign at the bottom of the hill that is the intersection of Lopus Road Ext. and Cold Spring Road, turn right. At the first stop sign, take a left. At the next stop sign, take a left over theDepot Street Bridge


Pent Road Complex
Pent Road Recreation Complex

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