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    Shelton Day Streets Big Crowd On Hand For Shelton Day 1996  
      Thrills And Excitement! Shelton Day Rides
    Shelton Day Hold On To Your Seat  
      The Rotary Club Serves It Up Rotary Club
    Shelton Day Arts & Crafts Something For Everyone  
      The Shelton High School Marching Band SHS Marching Band
    SHS Marching Band ...Because One Band Picture Is Never Enough  
      The Shelton High School Pom Pon Girls SHS Pom Pon Girls
    Mayor Lauretti Mayor Lauretti Proclaims
    October 6, 1996, As Shelton Day
      Echo Hose Hook & Ladder F.D.
    Shows Off Their New Truck
    Fire Truck
    Tall Order Tall Order!  
      The Shelton Historical Society Demostrates
    Turn Of The Century Wash Day
    Histroical Society
    Hats Who Are These Girls And Where Did They Get Those Hats?  

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