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"You see things; and say 'Why?' But I dream things that never  were; and I say 'Why Not?'"
George Bernard Shaw

All America Year Ends With Reception for Employees of Latex Foam

Valley Receives White House Honors

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Valley Booth at the Civic Action Fair - A special treat for all visitors!!!

Kennard & Scarpa - a Winning Team Produced the Valley's Presentation

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A Winning Team for the Valley 

Special people from a special community - the Valley's delegation!

After three days of hard work in Louisville, Kentucky in quest of one of ten coveted All America City designations, the Valley delegation exploded in pandemonium as they were announced as one of the ten winners in this year's competition. The Valley was one of 30 Finalists for the prestigious award. The delegation has returned to the Valley with heads held high, eager to see the Valley continue to build on the positive, cooperative efforts that earned an All America City designation. 

Click here to see the full listing of winners with links to visit those communities. 

This is a beginning rather than an end, and the delegation invites everyone in the Valley to help to improve the quality of life in the Valley.  The All America City Committee is already hard at work planning a year of activity to keep the spirit moving and to market our All America City. Click here to see all that is going on.

Our Journal and Photo Album:

We also made many "New Friends of the Valley" on this trip and have posted a photo album highlighting some of those whom we met along the way.  Click here to see our new friends. We want to congratulate all 29 of them for their inspiring stories as well as the judges who had the nearly impossible task of separating ten to be listed as All America City honorees.

Click here to see all the finalists from 2000

We want to thank everyone in the community who has rallied behind the 2000 effort and encourage everyone to stay involved in the community life of our All America City. The entire experience is helping to bolster the Valley's new image as a community on the go with a strong sense of history and an an even stronger vision of the future! Join us!

Come back to these pages for the latest news as we move forward. For now, spend a few minutes visiting the following links:

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